The All-New Flexi-Benefits Module

New Feature
January 21, 2022
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The altHR team is starting the year with a brand-new module that is unique to the Malaysian HR scene!

Flexi-Benefits 101

Now, companies are able to add on another type of benefit for their beloved employees. In Flexi-Benefits, employees are allocated X amount points every cycle by the company. 

Company admins can allocate said points based on a set of criteria - whether it be the same amount for all employees, based on job band, seniority, and more. 

Employees can then spend their allocated points on various benefits and claims that they value most. Since employees have the flexibility to control how they would like to utilise their benefits, hence, Flexi-Benefits!

Providing this benefit will greatly improve employee recruitment and retention. Don’t believe us? Here are some examples of the awesome benefits you could provide employees with:


1. Medical coverage

2. Group Term Life Insurance

3. Group Hospitalisation Coverage

4. Dental Coverage


1. Purchase of work productivity items

2. Domestic & International Travel

3. Gym memberships

The possibilities are endless, so be creative!

Flexi-Benefits Configuration

Locate the Flexi-Benefits module and select an approver for Claims.

Create the Benefits Entitlement cycle and configure Points Allocation.

Next, admins can create and configure Benefits Selection.

Next, admins can create and configure Claims Policies.

Admins can also view all Flexi-Benefits Transactions here. View Benefit Selection and Claims transactions that need to be processed, or those that have already been processed.

Keep track of employees’ balances at a glance.

Need more information and even re-adjusting employee balances? No problem!

Last but not least, admins can quickly generate Flexi-Benefits reports according to their needs.

Flexi-Benefits: Employee’s POV

The Flexi-Benefits module is accessible through the altHR Web App and Mobile App.

Employees can then easily view their Balances and Transactions. Their remaining points can then be used to claim their purchases according to the policies their admins configured earlier.

Submitting benefits claims is as easy as ABC! Using the Mobile App, employees can snap a photo of their receipt and upload as attachment.

Employees can then track their Claims process and withdraw pending claims if needed.

Flexi-Benefits can not only improve employee recruitment and retention efforts but also eliminates cumbersome processes such as photocopying receipts and filling up lengthy forms when it comes to claiming benefits!

Have we piqued your interest in setting up the Flexi-Benefits module for your organisation? Our friendly Customer Success team is ready to help you. Just email us at!