Check out our brand-new Status Check-in module!

New Feature
August 7, 2020
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In this post-MCO era, most companies would have adopted some form of remote working and experience a dispersed workforce. However, just because your employees aren’t physically together anymore doesn’t mean that employee engagement should decrease as well. With this, we introduce a brand new module meant to uphold employee engagement and camaraderie; Status Check-in!

As a company admin, you are able to configure multiple engagement questions, or what we call “check-ins” from the admin dashboard. You’re able to configure two types of check-ins; Option Check-In and Question Check-In.

An “option check-in” is basically a multiple-choice question where you can set up to 5 questions, set up to 5 answers to choose from within each question, set answers as single choice or multi choice (employees can choose only 1 option or more than 1 option from the list of answers presented), set notification settings on when you want your employees notified to submit a response and set employee eligibility.

A “question check-in” is a single question with one long form answer for employees to submit responses. The same notification and employee eligibility settings are also present in this check-in format.

Within the mobile app, employees can then see a list of their available check-ins, view responses submitted by their colleagues and submit their own responses for the day.

Prefer emoji responses instead? We can cater to that too! Just set them as the answer choices and your employees can select them when submitting their responses in the app.

A simple check-in tool can go a long way in ensuring employee happiness and engagement.