Grouped Companies: Phase 2

New Feature
July 18, 2022
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In this round of updates for the Grouped Companies feature, we've implemented a cross-company approval routing feature for transactional modules - namely our Leaves, Expenses and Travels modules.

1. Cross Company Approval Routing

This option will only appear for companies that have been previously grouped together. 

Once this is done, when admins are creating a default approval routing for the Leaves, Expense or Travel module, simply view and select the cross-company approval routing created as one of the dropdown options.

2. Indicator to Display Cross-company Access

To avoid confusion, we’ve also added an indicator to let admins know that they’re accessing a profile from a different company's admin page (within the configured grouped companies).

3. Leave/Expense/Travel Request Labelling

Moving forward, the individual leave/expense/travel requests will show which companies these requestors are from on the mobile app and web app.

Example - Leave Request:

altHR is committed to working on adding cross-company employees into approval routings and teams for Flexi Benefits, Helpdesk, Rostering, Time Tracking and Performance Management modules. Stay tuned for more Grouped Companies updates!

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