Improvements to Time Tracking and Rostering

February 27, 2023
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For a more seamless user experience for company admins to set up the Time Tracking module and for employees to clock into their shifts, we’ve introduced some improvements across both the Time Tracking and Rostering module.

Time Tracking

What is changing

1. Job Bands set-up in Time Tracking module - We will be removing the need for admins to enable the tracking toggle individually for all job bands before being able to set up Time Tracking teams. As such, the job bands section will now be removed entirely from the Time Tracking settings page and companies will now no longer limit eligibility of access to Time Tracking based on job bands.

2. Daily Maximum Hours setting - Daily maximum hours enable admins to track overtime hours of employees via the Time Tracking reports. With the removal of the job bands section, the daily maximum hours setting will reside within each individual Time Tracking team’s settings page instead and admins can then set a daily maximum hour value that will be used as the basis to calculate employee’s overtime hours from their clock in sessions.

What you’ll need to take note of

Because the daily maximum hours setting is being moved to each individual Time Tracking team’s settings page, the default selection will be “No” once the feature is rolled out. As such, if your company practices tracking overtime hours of employee clock in sessions, you will need to set the daily maximum hours setting for each individual Time Tracking team.


What is changing

1. Clocking into shifts - Employees will now head over to the Rostering module on their mobile app or web app to clock into assigned shifts. From the Rostering module, employees will also be able to view their list of assigned shifts on a weekly basis, sign up for open shifts as set by the admin and view their shifts clock in history. Additionally, team leads will be able to access the Team Roster tile to view a list of their team members who’ve signed up for or been assigned shifts.

As always, email us at if you face any issues or have any improvements and feedback to suggest.