Increments to the Helpdesk Module!

February 12, 2021
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As an increment to the current Helpdesk module, we’ve added some new features to make it a fully-fledged HR aid. Here’s what we’ve added:

Setting eligibility options

Only want certain employees to view certain Helpdesk categories? With our new eligibility setting, you can now set specific eligibility settings, say to allow only Confirmed employees to view the Medical Expenses category or employees in the IT department to view the IT Expenses category.

Simply navigate to the Helpdesk module from the admin panel, go to the Settings page, select the relevant sub-categories and set your eligibility criteria.

Withdraw cases

Accidentally submitted a case you didn’t mean to submit, or changed your mind about a case you’ve just submitted? Now you can easily withdraw these cases without having to go through your HR admin. Simply navigate to the pending case from the mobile app or web app and select the “Withdraw” button to withdraw the case. It’ll then be removed from your list of pending cases.

With these added flexibility, managing your Helpdesk cases has never been easier!