Introducing a brand-new and updated Checklist module!

New Feature
September 7, 2020
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Over the past month, we’ve been working hard on giving our Checklist module a facelift and making it a module on its own. Now, we’re happy to show it off to the world! Introducing our polished Checklist module!

On the admin dashboard, you’ll now see an additional “Templates” tab where admins can set up templates to quickly create common checklists.

Once the template is saved, you’ll be able to select it when creating a new checklist from the admin dashboard.

On the mobile app, you’ll now see the Checklist feature as a module and tile on its own. Tap into it and you’ll then see a collapsible view of all your Active and Completed checklists.

A simple and scalable feature now on it’s own, you can now make full use of the Checklist module to further gauge engagement with your employees!