Introducing a new and improved Time Tracking module!

New Feature
September 22, 2020
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As we continuously work hard on bringing you new features, we’ve also been working on revamping our existing modules to make them more scalable and user-friendly. This time round, we’ve revamped the Time Tracking module with new features and a new UI.

On the Time Tracking home page, you’ll notice a new and cleaner UI. This page displays all employee’s active Timesheets, where admins can click into them and view detailed information of an employee’s timesheet. 

From the Settings tab, you can then enable time tracking settings based on Job Bands, set daily maximum hours and set up teams.

The Reports tab will then allow you to generate detailed or summary reports of timesheets.

In addition, we now have an additional “Manual Clock In” option where if enabled, a manual timesheet will be created and users are able to set their own Start/End Time, Description and Location. This will then be displayed in the summary page.

You can also then request a timesheet report for yourself via the app which will then be generated and sent to your email.

In this new norm, flexibility and scalability is vital. This new revamped Time Tracking module on altHR gives you just that!