Introducing QR Clock-In!

February 15, 2021
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Integrating the fast and seamless QR code into our time tracking system, we’re happy to introduce a brand new clock-in method; QR Clock-In!

From the Time Tracking settings page, you’ll now see a QR icon next to the created Time Tracking teams. Click on that and you’ll see a downloadable QR code. Print that out and paste it in front of your office for employees to scan to clock-in. To prevent abuse of the system, admins can also refresh the QR code regularly.

Now as an employee, simply navigate to the Time Tracking module on the mobile app, select the clock-in option of “QR Clock In”, scan the QR code and you’ll be automatically clocked in. Scan the QR code again to clock out of the system.

Clocking in and out of work has never been made easier! Have a go now with our Time Tracking module, available for all altHR users!