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Introducing Sales Kit!

New Feature
May 18, 2020
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Tired of searching through your phone for documents and presentations? In dire need of a mobile outlet to store sales materials and showcase them to potential customers? Fret not as we introduce a brand new module, Sales Kit!

Within the Sales Kit module, you are able to store your brand’s sales materials in the form of images, files and even video links. Be it a sales presentation PDF, selected product images or a demo video of your product, you can store it all in one place and easily access them from your mobile device. Have multiple products you wish to showcase to customers? No problem! You can create multiple folders within the Sales Kit module to categorise your sales materials per product. Easily share your product folders or individual files via email, WhatsApp or other messaging tools should your potential customers be interested in knowing more. Storing and sharing sales materials have never been made easier!

You may then ask, what happens if potential customers are interested and want to know more about my products? Well we’ve got that covered too! Every Sales Kit folder that you create comes with an interest form where you’re able to customise fields and have interested parties fill up their details via the form. Responses will then be sent to an email address you link the interest form to so that the relevant person in charge (for instance, a Sales Executive) will be able to get in touch with the interested individuals.

Want more info about this new feature? Want to learn how to set up Sales Kit folders and upload files in them? Contact us at for more details.