Introducing the all-new Team Calendar!

New Feature
October 19, 2020
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Introducing our latest altHR module addition; Team Calendar! From birthdays and leaves to work anniversaries and company holidays, employees will now be in the loop of all company happenings right from the altHR app! Here's how it looks like:

On the admin dashboard, admins are able to set and enable which calendar event they'd like to display to all employees and whether they should receive an email or push notification for them. Admins are able to select from Leaves, First Day of Work, Holidays, Birthdays and Work Anniversaries.

Once set, admins can then see their enabled events populated in a calendar view from the admin dashboard. Depending on their preference, admins can select a Month, Week or Day view.

On the mobile app, users will then see a new "Calendar" module available to click on once enabled by the company admin.

It will then list a Day view of all company happenings that are configured as viewable by the admin.

A simple tool to stay aware of company happenings and foster workplace camaraderie, the altHR Calendar module can definitely be of good use! Have a go at it today, only on altHR!