Leaves x Rostering Integration

New Feature
August 27, 2021
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Not too long ago we announced the integration between our Rostering and Time Tracking modules. This time, we have integrated the Rostering and Leaves module.

After 6 weeks of UI changes, integrations and validation, here’s our Leaves x Rostering integration.

The team made some changes to the Rostering admin UI. The Calendar view displays Leaves data so Rostering admins will be able to view their team members’ Leaves info before they set the roster (schedule shifts).

In the Rostering module, admins can now view team members’:

  1. Annual Leave
  2. Replacement Credit Balances
  3. Pending/Approved Leaves
  4. Public Holidays set in Leaves module Settings

This would facilitate the Rostering admin's job of assigning shifts to team members while taking into account their remaining leave balances and any upcoming public holidays. No more manually navigating between Leaves and Rostering modules, saving more time!

Team Members

Team members will be allowed to apply for leaves on a day where they already have an existing shift assigned by admins. This is to cater for scenarios where team members have to apply for leaves (emergency leave, medical leave, etc.) at the last minute.

This increment also introduced new functionalities such as:

1. Copying shifts to other days

This improves the shift creation process, extremely time-saving for the admins to schedule for the upcoming days (and even weeks!). 

2. Bulk adding people into shifts

The Shift Settings section allows admins to bulk assign team members to existing shift(s), Rest Days and Off Days. It will be displayed on the Rostering Calendar upon confirming it. 

3. Display Other Calendars

This feature provides even more clarity to the Rostering admin. 

With this comprehensive integration between altHR Rostering and Leaves, creating, assigning and managing shifts have never been easier.

Spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at hello@althr.my!