New features on the Travel module!

New Feature
August 17, 2023
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The altHR team has been working hard over the past 2 months to bring you some new features on the Travel module. Here's what we've introduced:

"Travel Deadline" feature

Admins are now able to enforce a notice period for employees to submit a travel request. They can set a "before" and "after" travel rule so that employees must submit their travel requests within the defined time frame based on their travel date. This setting can be found within the settings page for Travel Regions.

Additional employee details in travel requests

For ease of HR admins when making travel bookings, each individual travel requests made by employees now contain more information about the employee such as ID Information, Primary Citizenship, Email Address & Contact Number.

Upload attachments feature

Admins are now able to directly upload any relevant attachments of the employee's travel requests such as flight tickets and accommodation booking confirmations from the travel request itself. This can be accessed once a travel request has been approved, and any attachments added here will be visible by the employees as well when they click into the travel request from their mobile app or web app.

Hotel selections dropdown on mobile app & web app

When submitting a travel request with accommodation selected, employees can now select their preferred hotel from a dropdown list configured on the admin dashboard. This field is optional and can serve as a reference for travel agents or HR when performing travel bookings for employees.