New month, new home screen!

New Feature
September 8, 2020
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As altHR grows bigger with more module offerings, we rethought our current home screen to make them more scalable and user friendly. As such, we’re happy to introduce you our brand new home screen! Check out how it looks like here:

The first thing you’ll notice in our revamped home screen is the presence of a “More” tile. This new home screen basically displays up to 7 module tiles in a screen, where the other module tiles will be found once you tap into the “More” tile.

In addition, you’ll also find a new “Favourites” feature, where you can set a preference to your favourite or most-used modules and set which module tiles you’d like to display on your home screen. Simply tap on the “Edit” button, add module tiles into the 7 slots available and hit save. Your home screen will now display your module tile choices.

A scalable and more user-friendly home-screen, now available to all altHR users!