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New special leave type!

New Feature
April 13, 2020
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Another release, another leave type! We've added Special Leave this round. What's so special about it, you ask? It's a leave type that allows multiple leave policies to utilise one entitlement.

Let's take for example you have three leave policies that you would like to share the same entitlement. Admin would first create three new Generic Leaves and make sure they are marked within each policy to be added to a Special Leave type. Each of these Generic Leaves can have different number of days to be taken - for example, Study Leave can be created for 2 days, a Marriage Leave can be created for 5 days, and a Compassionate Leave can be created for 5 days. Admin would then create a Special Leave, set the maximum entitlement (for example 20 days) and add these Generic Leaves to it. Easy!

How would the employee use this leave? They would apply as they would for any other leave. With this leave type, employees are able to take a number of different combinations of leave policies. For example, an employee could apply for ten Study Leaves (20 days), or an employee could apply for a Marriage Leave (5 days), two Compassionate Leaves (10 days), and two Study Leaves (4 days) - any combination as long as the number of days taken is within the Special Leave entitlement (in the example's case, 20 days).

We have also added a new page that makes it easy to see the number of consecutive days that needs to be taken for each policy and the balance of employee's Special Leave right at the top.

Want more info about this new feature? Want to learn how to set it up on existing leave policies? Contact us at for more details.