People Import Increments

New Feature
August 24, 2022
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In summary, we have separated the Employee Import page into three (3) steps to further ease all users in bulk importing their employees.

Step 1 focuses on the basic company settings such as Company Structure, Job Bands, and Offices. 

Once this information is present in altHR, users can then proceed to Step 2, which is to set up the organisations within the company.

Admins can then follow the easy instructions to set up or even import all organisations using the Organisations import template we’ve prepared. With that said, we have divided the previous import template into two (2) - Organisations and Employees. 

Once Step 2 is completed, admins can then proceed to step 3 to import employees as easy as ABC.

The process of bulk importing employees remains the same, but we have also added a few improvements such as:

  • The Job Group and Job Grade columns are not mandatory in the template anymore
  • We have enhanced the template to further reduce potential human/system errors when importing employees 
  • If you have any suggestions for us to improve the import templates, let us know!

With these new guidelines, there is expected to be less confusion among new users as it tells the new users exactly what kind of inputs are accepted. Article Links and Video guides are also added to ensure the user has sufficient resources to understand the module.

That’s all for the latest People Import increments, and as always, if you spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at!