People Module Increments!

New Feature
July 18, 2022
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In this round of updates for the People module, we've made some UI and functionality changes on the admin dashboard.

1. Contract Renewal + Employee Timeline

We’ve added a feature so that employees on a contract basis can have their contracts renewed by admins directly from the admin panel.

When creating a new employee via the admin dashboard, we'll add an "Enable Contract Dates" portion under Advanced Settings if "Contract" is selected for Contract Type. If admins select "Yes", then they'll be required to fill in the Start Date and End Date.

Once saved, admins can now head to the “Employment Info” page to change the dates.

The Employee Timeline page reflects these changes and is now showing the employee’s history using the reverse-chronological format.

2. View & Edit Resigned Employee Details

Moving forward, admins have the ability to view and make more changes to resigned employees’ profiles.

Admins can also edit the resigned employee’s last employment date. Any changes will be reflected on the resigned employee's profile page.

Furthermore, we have also introduced a feature where admins are able to reselect the last employment date for an employee who is in the resignation process.

This feature is particularly useful if admins have selected the wrong last employment date at the start.

3. Resigned Employee Reports

Lastly, admins can now download specific reports related to resigned employees.

We have added a filter to select one or more resigned employees from the list before downloading the report. This prevents a long loading time for a potentially long list of resigned employees. The generated report will appear in the People > Reports tab.

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