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Replacement credit request is here!

New Feature
March 30, 2020
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Replacement credit request by employee is now available!

Previously, company admins were only able to issue replacement credit via the admin dashboard. This could be troublesome and difficult for company admins to manage as employees would need to email HR, HR would have to confirm with the employee's manager, and only then adjust the employee's balance.

Now, if enabled in the leave policy, employees are able to request for replacement credit directly from the altHR app! The replacement credit request will go through the same flow as applying for a leave request and once approved, a replacement leave will be credited to the employee's leave policy balance. The next time an employee wants to apply for leave with that policy, the replacement credit will be deducted first before deducting from the employee's entitlement. How cool is that!

Want more info about this new feature? Want to learn how to set it up on existing leave policies? Contact us at for more details.