Resigned Employees Annual Leave Entitlement Proration Update

New Feature
February 17, 2023
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In this update, we made some changes and improvements to how altHR handles leave entitlement proration for resigned employees.

Once an employee has been terminated, altHR will automatically prorate the employee’s annual leave entitlement until his/her last employment date. The prorated entitlement will also be reflected on the employee’s mobile app and web app for both admin and employee to know the latest annual leave entitlement.

The Leave Balance Summary page of the employee who's now serving notice will see a slight change. The total entitlement and balances should be adjusted to show the updated prorated amounts. The page will also show a banner indicating that these balances are prorated until the employee's last employment date.

Lastly, the prorated amounts will be displayed in the current ‘Leave Balances’ report accessible via People > Employees > Terminated Employees > Download Report

An additional ‘Last Employment Date’ column has been added to the existing Leave Balances report where the field will only have value for employees currently serving notice.

The ‘Leave Balances’ report will indicate that annual leave balances for employees currently serving notice will be pro-rated to show the balance until their last employment date.

As always, feel free to share your use cases, report any bugs in the app, and suggest improvements at!