Rostering Module Buffer Time Increments

New Feature
February 22, 2022
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This round, we introduced 2 new features; tracking late clock-in and overtime clock-out together with “Buffer Time” settings, as well as introducing a ‘0 minute Buffer Time’ feature.

On the Rostering settings page, admins will be asked if they want to track late clock-in and overtime clock-out. 

Next, admins can also choose to include the pre-set Buffer Time into OT calculations. The OT calculation would then appear in the downloaded reports.

A 0 minute buffer time, on the other hand, will allow companies to strictly track late clock-in or overtime clock-out from their employees. 

All they need to do is select “No” to the buffer time questions, which essentially means a 0 minute buffer time and hence strictly checks for the on-time clock in or clock out by employees.

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