altHR Rostering and Time Tracking Synchronisation

June 25, 2021
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After weeks of development, we are happy to announce our full integration between our main retail modules; altHR Rostering and Time Tracking! With this marriage integration, employees can now clock in and out of shifts as set on the Rostering module via the Time Tracking module.

As an admin, you’ll see two new features on the Rostering Team Settings page: 

1. Allowing employees to clock into their shifts via Time Tracking.

2. Setting buffer time in minutes.

Furthermore, like on the Time Tracking module, there will also be options to enforce Geofence and WiFi IP Address settings.

We have added a new "Shift Assignment" option on the top right corner to facilitate easier shifts assignment. It will open a pop-up where admins can bulk assign shifts to employees, saving time and clicks.

As an employee:

If an admin allows employees to clock into their shifts via Time Tracking, employees will see an additional section called “Today’s shift” on the Time Tracking home page if there is a shift today. It will also list the day's Rostering shifts along with a "Clock In Now" button.

When a user clocks-out, they would see the usual Summary page detailing all the time tracking information, along with the time card and detailed summary view when tapped into.

The new integration also facilitates ‘late clock-in’ and ‘late clock-out’, where admins can track whether employees clocked-in late (in which employees would need to input a mandatory late clock-in reason), or whether employees clocked-out late (in which employees would be asked if they want to apply for an optional overtime claim).

Furthermore, Team Leads can also approve or reject OT claims via mobile. This will then be reflected in the employee's downloaded timesheet reports for HR admins to facilitate OT reimbursements. 

With this comprehensive integration between altHR Rostering and Time Tracking, clocking in and out of shifts has never been easier. Additional improvements to the existing modules also help admins save more time and energy on shift scheduling and time tracking. 

Experience our latest module synchronisation today!