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Say hello to Time Tracking!

New Feature
June 15, 2020
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Run a team of shift workers? Or just running a tight ship in general? With the new time tracking feature on altHR, your employees can now clock-in and clock-out of work seamlessly! Gone are the days of punch cards or time clocks. Here at altHR, we are digitising that just for you!

Time tracking is a new module within the admin dashboard, where once enabled and set-up, employees will see a clock-in function on the bottom right corner of their screen. 

Employees will then be able to clock-in and start their working day’s timer. 

Employees will also see an option to start a break (say for lunch) where once tapped on, their screen will display the break time. Employees can then end their break when they resume working.

When it’s time to clock-out, employees simply need to tap on “Clock Out” which will end the working day’s timer and display a summary of their clock in time, clock-out time and any breaks taken in between. The final field will then display their entire working day’s duration. 

As an admin, you can set eligible teams that can access the Time Tracking module from the admin dashboard. Within the settings, you can then decide whether to enable the Geofence function (where employees can only access the time tracking function on their app once they’re within 1km of the coordinates set), or to enable the WiFi IP Address function (where employees can only access the time tracking function on their app once they’re within range of the WiFi IP Address set).

Admins can then generate reports and timesheets from the admin dashboard, giving them detailed and accurate data of their employee’s productivity. 

A simple yet seamless concept bound to make lives easier for all; for admins, accurate and high data availability to track productivity and for employees, an easy-to-use clock-in and clock-out process with no dependencies. 

Want more info about this new feature? Contact us at for more details.