[New] Shift Clock-in Available on the Web App Now!

New Feature
April 15, 2022
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In this round of web app-specific updates, we have streamlined the feature of clocking into shifts by making it available on the web app as well.

The right side of the Time Tracking page will show the list of shifts available for the users to clock into. Upon clicking on "Clock In", users will be clocked into the shift and the page will show the user as clocked in.

Similarly to the Mobile App Clock-in, users will be presented with a late clock-in form to fill up if they attempt to clock in late. Users will also see the optional overtime form if they clock out late.

Clocking in via Web app and Mobile app is now synced between the two platforms, i.e. if the users clock into a shift via mobile app, users are also able to clock out of the same shift via the web app, and vice versa. These are all reflected in the reports as well.

Team leaders can also view, approve and reject OT requests made by their team members. Once the OT requests are approved or rejected from the web app, they would be reflected on the mobile app for the team lead. Similarly, the changes would be reflected in the reports.

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