Store employee-specific documents in the all-new Statutory Documents folder!

New Feature
August 28, 2020
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Need a more secure outlet to send employee-specific documents? Want more options other than emails to send employee documents? Fret not as we introduce you a brand new feature, the Statutory Documents folder! 

Housed under Document Manager in the admin dashboard, you’ll see a “Statutory Documents” section. Click into it and you’ll see a list of all employees in the company.

Should you wish to upload documents for a specific employee, click on him/her and you’ll be able to upload documents. For added security, you are also able to enable password protection for PDF type files to ensure that only this employee can access the uploaded file after entering an admin-set password. In addition, as an added security layer, admins will also be asked to input their password should they wish to edit or delete an existing document in an employee’s Statutory Document folder.

As an employee, you would then receive an email informing you of a document uploaded into your Statutory Documents folder. Once in the app, tap into the “Documents” tile and navigate to the “Statutory Documents” folder. In here, you will see a list of admin-uploaded documents. For password-protected documents, you will then be required to enter an admin-set password to view the document. Even if you download the file into your device, you will still be required to enter the admin-set password.

With altHR, you now have a more secure outlet and option to upload employee-specific documents! Simple admin set-up and on-the-go employee access, just the way it should be.