Time Tracking/Rostering Increments

New Feature
June 20, 2022
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In this round of updates, we’ve introduced a new report type for Time Tracking, as well as introduced a few changes to the Rostering module.

1. Time Tracking - Summary Report Type

We have introduced a new "Summary" report type for users to download from their mobile app and web app.


If you’d like to view a “Summary” of timesheet for your employees, the “Summary” report is perfect for you. If you’d like to generate a "Detailed" report type, then you will receive the existing Detailed report containing their timesheets from the selected date range.

2. Rostering - Duplicating shifts for a longer duration

Also as part of a customer request, we have added more options to create shifts and duplicate them across days and weeks. We were mostly inspired by Google Calendar, where users can custom-set how often they want their shifts to repeat. 

3. Rostering - Bulk Delete & Custom Status

We have also added the ability to bulk delete these shifts from the Shift Settings page. For instance, if you’ve accidentally created a shift with wrong times and have already duplicated that to the rest of the days in the week, the bulk-delete feature removes the need to delete the individual shifts and custom status one by one for each day. 

Clicking on the bulk delete button will summon a pop-up which will ask you if you’d want to delete all shifts & custom status created in the week, or select a day in that week and delete just one or two shifts & custom status for that day only.

4. Rostering - Clearing Weekly Roster

To complement our bulk-add function for shifts and custom statuses, we’ve introduced a 'Bulk Clear' function for shifts & custom statuses.

We now have a dropdown option to "Clear this week's roster" that admins can click on, after which a pop-up will appear asking admins whether to clear the whole week's roster or select just one or a few days in the week to clear those rosters.

Don’t worry, "clearing roster" does not mean bulk deleting the shifts or custom statuses that have been created, it just means bulk removing employees from being assigned shifts for the week.

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