Time Tracking Module Timesheet & Reports Increments

New Feature
February 22, 2022
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In this round of updates for Time Tracking, we introduced 3 changes; Disallow duplicate clock-in time from manual and auto clock-in, Detection of late clock-in from the downloaded timesheet report, as well as implement some changes to the Time Tracking reports.

1. Disallow duplicate clock-in time from manual and auto clock-in

We are disallowing users from being able to create a manual timesheet with a future date/time on both the app and web app.

Users can only create a manual timesheet to log their times for the past day.

We are also disallowing users from creating a manual timesheet on both the app and web app in the past if there is already an existing timesheet with overlapping time.

Additional validations are also added for admins which block them from changing an employee's timesheet to a start/end time that overlaps with an existing timesheet on the same date.

These changes would prevent any possibilities of timesheets with overlapping times or duplicated start/end times from being created.

2. Detection of the late clock in from downloaded timesheet report

We are introducing a new "Set work hours" option (applicable to the Clock In and QR Clock In option only). This enables admins or team leads to check if any of their team members have clocked in before/after the pre-set start time or clocked out before/after the pre-set end time.

Admins or HR can then track late clock in from the downloaded timesheet report if employees clocked in after the start time, or clocked out after the end time.

3. Changes to the Time Tracking reports

We have implemented changes to both Detailed and Summary type reports. The Detailed report will now calculate the total number of hours for Duration (Hours), Duration (Decimals), Duration of Breaks (Hours), and Duration of Breaks (Decimals). 

The Summary report will now calculate the total number of hours for Time (Hours) and Time (Decimals). This would facilitate faster calculation of the number of hours worked by employees during the selected date range.

The latest improvement also allows admins to select individual names of reports to download. Admins can now select one or more names to download their detailed or summary timesheet for the selected date range.

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