Updated E-Data Praisi YA2023 New Fields

January 19, 2024
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As the new YA2023 E-Data Praisi format has just been released by LHDN, we have updated the 2023 E-Data Praisi according to the new requirements based on the Program memfail borang nyata tahun 2024 document.

This round, LHDN added 2 new COMPULSORY fields into the E-Data Praisi; which are:

  1. Status Pekerja (Employee Status) - Employee’s contract type such as Permanent, Contract, Part Time, Internship and Others.  
  1. Tarikh Persaraan/ Tamat Kontrak – Employee's retirement date for active employees or Resigned employees’ last day of employment. (For Permanent & Secondment Outwards/Inwards’s contract type, this field will be the employee’s retirement date by counting 60 years from their DOB)

Please take note on the above changes and you are reminded to update your employee’s Contract Type to ensure system are able to capture the new fields required and generate accurate E-Data Praisi document for your submission.