We Streamlined the Rostering & Time Tracking Modules!

New Feature
October 4, 2022
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At the moment, there are features shared between the Rostering and Time Tracking modules on the admin panel. This includes Timesheets & Reports features. 

To provide an easier and clearer user experience for you, we have separated out Rostering & Time Tracking features on the admin panel and introduced new pages on the Rostering module.

We have changed the previous user journey where all Time Tracking & Rostering timesheets recorded by users were parked in the "Timesheets" tab in the Time Tracking module.

In summary, we have:

  • Introduced a similar "Timesheets" tab for the Rostering module
  • Move timesheets with the "Rostering" source to the Rostering module
  • Meanwhile, Timesheets with the "Time Tracking" source will remain in the Time Tracking module on the admin dashboard
  • In other words, both Time Tracking and Rostering modules now have their own identity with their own timesheets and reports in their respective module pages 

Reporting-wise, we have added a ‘Reports’ tab in the Rostering module to allow admins to download reports for Rostering timesheets. With this simplification, we have also removed the "Choose Project" field as an extra step. 

Since we have separated the admin reports for Time Tracking and Rostering, we have introduced new and improved formats for both admins and users. Download the latest Time Tracking and Rostering reports now to have a look!

For our users, we’ve added some improvements to the mobile and web apps. Users can now select which module's timesheets they want to download a report for. 

With this, they can select either the Time Tracking or Rostering module and the timesheets recorded in the relevant modules will be sent to their email.

That’s all for the latest Time Tracking and Rostering increments, and as always, if you spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at hello@althr.my!