The All-new Workflows Module

New Feature
November 30, 2022
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Have you ever encountered cases where you need an official method to obtain approval for something that’s not categorised under Leave, Expense, and Travel requests?

Luckily for you, we created the Workflows module where employees are able to fill up custom forms, submit them to their manager and obtain official approvals that can be tracked and exported.

The use cases include:

  • Declaring a corporate gift
  • Requesting business cards
  • Submitting simple overtime requests
  • Requesting project approvals

All these could easily be done digitally via altHR! Let’s explore the user journey.

1. Create Workflow Templates 

The first sub-module is where the admin will configure the template information, eligibility, fields, and approval routing and save it as a “Workflow”.

In the list of templates, admins can create, edit, archive, activate, and deactivate templates. When creating a template, admins could configure the template information as shown below.

Admins can also configure the eligibility criteria so that only the relevant employees/teams are able to access the template via their mobile application.

There are various field types available for admins to add on to the template:

  • Text Field
  • Date Field
  • Time Field
  • Date & Time Field

Admins can also give a name to the fields and specify whether they are required for submission. For example, refer to the Gift Declaration sample below.

To complete the configuration, the final step is to add the approval routing for the workflow template. Approval routings can be added under People > Settings > Approval Routing, and admins will then be able to select the approval routing configuring this section.

In this case, all employees will be submitting their Gift Declaration requests to their respective Line Managers. Once the template is created, let’s go through the requester and approver journey on the mobile application.

The mobile app experience for employees and approvers is similar to the Leaves and Expenses modules.

To initiate approval, simply click ‘Submit Workflow’. All templates that the user is eligible to view will appear here.

Fill up the form as easily as ABC, and submit the request.

Users are then able to view and withdraw their submitted requests under the ‘My Requests’ tab. Once a request has been submitted, the approver will receive an email notification.

As a manager, the user will be able to view the submitted requests under the ‘Team Requests’ tab. Here, the manager will also be able to view the employee's name and ID.

Managers can then approve/reject workflow requests and provide remarks on the request. Once the request has been approved/rejected, the requester will also receive the relevant email notification.

Aside from having an easy user flow, we’ve allowed admins to easily view and track all workflow transactions under the ‘Transactions’ sub-module. It displays the list of requests with various statuses.

We also enabled the ability to search and filter requests easily. Admins can view the individual request by clicking the ‘View’ button.

Need to export the workflow report? No problem. Head over to the final sub-module to generate the reports you need. This reporting feature is standard across most modules. 

Admins can select the template report to export, as well as add more filters for added convenience. Note that the content of the report will mimic all the fields that are available in the chosen template.

The workflow report contains the date range of the submitted requests, as well as all the custom fields created in the template.

We hope that you will find creative ways to use the Workflows module. Feel free to share your use cases, report any bugs in the app, and suggest improvements at!