Prominent Software Development Company in Malaysia Solved HR Scarcity and Inefficiencies With altHR

July 15, 2021
Jofan P.

Company Profile: 

The client is a leading software consultancy business in Malaysia with more than 15 years of experience. The company’s software development services include building custom software, mobile apps, web apps or even integration projects for clients around the world. The company currently employs over 50 employees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Past Hurdles:

Due to their company size, the company does not have a dedicated HR team. Instead, the CEO’s personal assistant (PA) manages the payroll, onboarding and other HR tasks on top of administrative support to the CEO. Over the years, the PA faced numerous challenges including: 

  • Leave and expense claim requests are usually approved by the CEO as the company hierarchy is flat. Oftentimes, team requests are not managed in a timely manner as business meetings occupy most of the CEO’s time. 
  • When the PA works remotely to comply with the company’s work-from-home guidelines,  managing the office spaces remotely was challenging. Complying to social distancing rules for the New Normal was complicated as the PA could not physically monitor the availability and occupancy of the meeting rooms and other facilities at all times.
  • On top of a busy schedule, the PA had to manage the onboarding process which includes physical office tours, lengthy paperwork and to-do lists for compliance purposes. These processes took away valuable time that could be otherwise used for getting to know new employees better and engaging them.

After Using altHR: 

  • altHR Personal Assistant empowered the PA to help approve or reject team requests on behalf of the CEO. The PA can now help manage team requests on leaves and expense claims easily through the altHR app anytime, anywhere. Employee satisfaction has increased as their requests are now managed quickly. 
  • altHR Spaces helped the PA manage, track, and monitor the occupancy rate of rooms or locations around the office. The PA can now control the maximum number of people in a given space anytime using altHR from anywhere.
  • altHR Onboarding allowed the PA to digitally onboard new hires by showing welcome videos, virtual tours and to-do lists on the altHR app. The feature saved the PA over 30 hours annually by eliminating lengthy onboarding  processes.

Client Testimonial:

altHR’s features definitely helped me in managing HR work better.. It was also easy for our employees to learn how to use altHR. They love it when they can submit and track their leaves from the app, and no longer need to submit paper forms for signatures. It is just like having an HR partner on-the-go”, says the company’s PA. 

About us:

altHR the Super App for companies, is built to empower HR teams and companies by digitalising HR processes beyond paperwork and making day-to-day business operations simple.

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