3 Simple Steps to Get MITI Approval Letters for Businesses Operating During MCO

July 15, 2021
Nicholas K

As the nation undergoes the FMCO (Full Movement Control Order), the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has announced that businesses within certain economic sectors classified as essential services are required to apply for operating approval letters from the government. This can be done via the ministry’s COVID-19 Intelligent Management System (CIMS) 3.0 portal; if you’ve already registered on CIMS prior to this, you can simply log in to your account here and download the required documents. 

If your business falls under economic sectors classified under essential services, here are 3 simple steps to get work approval letters from MITI for your staff. 

1. Register an account on MITI’s CIMS 3.0 portal

If you didn’t register your business on MITI’s portal under previous iterations of the MCO, you can do so by heading here, and clicking on Daftar. You’ll need to fill in a couple of details pertaining to your business (such as your SSM registration no.), and you will also be required to go through SOPs that must be adhered to. 

Once your registration has been fully completed, you’ll have access to the portal’s dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to amend profile details, create operations notifications, and submit weekly SOP compliance reports. 

2. Make an application on the portal

Here, you’ll need to download an Excel template (Templat Muat Naik Senarai Pekerja) for employee details. Enter in the following particulars for each operational staff member: 

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • NRIC/Passport no. 

Next, select Notifikasi Beroperasi under the Borang Notifikasi menu on the left panel, and click on Daftar Notifikasi Baru. Fill in all required details for your company on this form accurately; you’ll also need to upload the Excel template with operational employees’ details at the bottom of this page.

Make sure that all information is declared correctly, and hit Hantar Notifikasi

3. Print the MITI approval letter

Do note that applications are subject to approval from MITI, and you can stay updated on the status of your application on the dashboard page. Once your application is approved (Lulus), you’ll be able to print the operating approval letter from MITI.

Select Borang Notifikasi, and choose Notifikasi Beroperasi from the drop down menu. Select Papar. Then, click Cetak Surat / Print Letter, and you’re good to go.

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Source: MITI Malaysia

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