How to set up a MySejahtera QR Code for visitors and employees at your business premises

July 15, 2021
Nicholas K

We’re living through unprecedented times as the world — and the global economy — goes through the COVID-19 pandemic. New challenges for businesses in Malaysia have emerged as a result, including the implementation of various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) such as staggered operating hours, or even a limitation to physical attendance of staff at workplaces. 

Businesses classified under essential services are allowed to operate, however, on the condition that strict SOPs are followed. These include mandatory check-ins on the MySejahtera app for visitors and employees at business premises. Of course, most of you are already familiar with the government’s contact tracing app — but here’s how you can set up your own QR code for your place of business.

1. Register your business on the official MySejahtera website

  • The first thing you need to do is to head over to the MySejahtera website. Here, click on Services, and select MySejahtera Check-In.
  • On this page, click on Register MySejahtera Check-In.
  • Only one registration is allowed per phone number, which will be used as your username. 
  • Enter in the relevant details for your business, including the accurate physical address of the premises.
  • You can also choose Login MySejahtera Check-In on this page if you need to amend any details for your business premises in the future. 
  • More locations can be added under the same account, in case you have other branches or offices as well.

2. Set up your MySejahtera QR Code

  • Now, your new MySejahtera QR Code is ready to be used! You can print the QR code, or you can email/download a soft copy to yourself in case you need it later on. 
  • If you misplace the copy, you can return to the Login MySejahtera Check-In page and log in with your phone number to amend, or download the QR code again. 
  • Avoid placing the QR Code behind reflective surfaces, such as glass, to ensure that visitors and employees can check in without any issues.

Why create a MySejahtera QR code?

Earlier this year, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob confirmed that visitors to business premises are required to use the MySejahtera application to make check-ins, other than areas where internet connectivity isn’t readily available. This also means that paper-based check-in methods, such as writing down contact information in a log book, are no longer accepted. 

This added onto the government’s earlier announcement that the use of MySejahtera is now compulsory for businesses in Malaysia to aid in contact tracing efforts. Again, exemptions are provided for those without access to stable internet — such as business owners in rural areas.

As such, you are required to use the MySejahtera app for your business to help with potential contact tracing efforts, in the event that there is a positive case linked to your place of business. 

We’re all in this together, and every little effort makes a difference in the fight to flatten the curve. 

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