2023 Edition: Finding The Best Human Resource Software in Malaysia

February 9, 2023
Nicholas K

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is based on public information (including 3rd party webpages) and is represented accurately to the best of our knowledge. altHR is not liable for any actions taken based on this article. As of 1 July 2023, altHR no longer offers a Payroll module.

You’re tired. Tired of repetitive administrative tasks like recording employee details, building roster sheets from scratch, and manually calculating payslips — only to panic when human errors inevitably arise. 

It’s 2023, so shouldn’t there already be an effective solution to this by now?

The short answer? Yes. With digital HR solutions, digitalised and automated processes make your documentation duties faster, easier, and more secure. 

Nowadays, HR software has far more to offer than the core functions of leave tracking, expense claims, and daily attendance tracking to support your employees, the real core of your company. 

And if anything, the pandemic is the biggest living example of why digitalisation is important to future-proof your company’s HR processes.

Now that you’re ready to digitalise your HR, naturally comes the two big questions:

What is the best HR Software? And how do I judge if it's the best for my business/organisation?

To help you answer questions, we’ve done extensive research to narrow down the most important factors in choosing the right HRMS, along with a side-by-side comparison between some of the most popular HRMS options in Malaysia:

  • altHR
  • BrioHR
  • Info-Tech
  • Kakitangan
  • PayrollPanda
  • Sage HR
  • PeopleX
  • JustLogin
  • Swingvy
  • HReasily
  • GreatDay HR
  • Talenox
  • MySyarikat
  • HR2000

Whether you’re a startup with a low headcount or a large enterprise with thousands of employees, our competitor analysis should help you decide on the best option to digitalise your organisation’s HR. 

1. The basics: core HR modules

One of the most obviously (and important) areas of improvement for HR transformation covers the digitalisation of basic, core HR processes. When managing the workforce, it’s important to ensure that the HR department doesn’t become bogged down with manual, repetitive processes that can hinder the overall development of talent and the employee experience. 

Crucial, must-have features for any HR department (or even employers and key decision makers) include leave management, expense and claim tracking, and performance management. These are modules that help HR practitioners and employers focus on more complex objectives for the business and workforce management — developing the workforce, managing the employee experience, and other important elements of driving the business. 

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2. Employee engagement

A company’s secret to success lies in its people. 

With the rising importance of managing employee well-being, employee engagement tools are crucial in curating the best experience for your personnel. 

Features such as check-ins on their daily wellbeing, recording your work anniversaries and birthdays on top of the classic leave calendar or performance management sessions to align on career progressions make your employees feel heard, connected, and valued. 

Happy employees = productive employees = a smooth-running company.

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3. Ease of use 

An all-in-one HR solution with a single sign-on feature reduces repetitive sign-up/sign-in processes and makes data easily accessible for managers. 

For example, HR software can simplify your life by allowing you to manage multiple businesses seamlessly all from one account by grouping your companies, or delegate work effectively by setting up multi-admin access for selected users. 

Employees can also access their accounts to check their balances, request time off, see who is away and quickly access important company information independently. 

Check out what people have to say about altHR’s ease of use here!

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4. Customer experience 

Adopting HR software is one thing, getting the best value out of it is another. 

Admins and employees can learn to use HR software quickly and surely by referring to comprehensive articles from Knowledge Bases, attending live introductory demo classes or even watching guided video tutorials. 

With the right resources and support, you can maximise each feature to its fullest hassle-free. For example, altHR has an Introduction class to get you familiar with the basics, and you can hop on our weekly Masterclasses hosted by our customer experts to understand each module better. 

Watch our guided video tutorials in the altHR academy for quick refreshers on how to use the modules, and find our Customer Success team at support@althr.my if you still need help! The best thing about altHR are the useful tips that cover administrators, managers, and employees on every module and feature that we have to offer.

5. Value for money 

Pricing is of course a crucial factor in your decision-making. 

In that regard, it’s important to choose an HRMS that can offer a comprehensive set of features at an affordable price; pay-per-module solutions tend to add up to high costs at the end of the day. 

You should choose a software that can offer you and your employees the most value, while balancing your costs. As evidenced in the following table, altHR is the clear winner here — with a current price tag of RM5/month/employee for all features.

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All prices stated are for basic plans with core HR functions, without any add-on modules to ensure a fair comparison. Pricing may differ if additional modules are included for pay-per-module types of software. Please note that the pricing quoted in the table above is subject to information disclosed on company websites, prices might differ according to factors eg: module discounting, currency conversion rate, SST taxes etc.
* Information retrieved from https://www.g2.com/products/briohr/pricing
**subject to conversion rate as time of writing

6. Flexibility 

Each company has their own set of unique needs, and your HRMS should be up to speed with that. 

For example, you might want to create a custom field in your employee profile to collect information that your insurance provider might need. Or, you might need to create custom reports to generate specific insights about your personnel. 

altHR comes with a minimum occupancy module, Spaces — an example of how you should look for an HRMS that not only meets, but also adapts to your every need.

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After taking the above factors into consideration, you can now make an informed decision on adopting the best value HR software for your company. Based on our thorough analysis, altHR ticks all the right boxes and trumps other software in offering a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable HR solution. Overall, altHR clearly checks out as the most balanced option in terms of features, adaptability, support and pricing. 

Take control of your workload now by signing up for a 30-day free trial with altHR — the first step to making your job easier starts today!

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Side-by-side feature comparison

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