3 Reasons Why A Gifting Strategy Will Boost Your Employee Engagement

July 15, 2021
Izza A.

When you operate a human resource team in Malaysia, one of the most valuable things you can do is boost employee engagement. This guide will review how peer-to-peer gifting programs can help with employee recognition and allow you to achieve your engagement goals!

Here are three reasons why gifting is the perfect way to do this:

1.  Gifts Are More than Compensation

When your employees exceed expectations or do something that deserves recognition, it is important to give them something other than their regular compensation. Sure, you could run an extra RM50 or RM100through payroll – but where is that going to go?

The employee will likely end up spending that extra money on bills – or they may not even notice it when it hits their bank account.

However, when you partner with us at altHR to use our eGift feature, you can easily send them gift cards for them to enjoy.This type of gift avoids any guilt since they have to spend it on something they enjoy. In other words, it eliminates the dilemma of spending that money on practical or household purchases.

The goal is to encourage them to treat themselves because they deserve it!

Employees appreciate the distinction too.According to the Incentive Research Foundation, over 30% of employees feel that a gift card is more thoughtful than cash. When you look at your employee benefits offerings, make sure that you opt for something like this that delivers value.

2.  Peer Recognition Means So Much More

Another reason that gifting is ideal for boosting employee engagement is that it means more to them when the recognition comes from their peers. Gallup studies found that as few as 13% of workers feel engaged at their jobs – a number that you must work to increase.

Peer-to-peer recognition programs, like the one offered by our eGift platform, are significantly more effective at getting people excited. When someone receives a gift card from a peer, it helps them feel a sense of belonging and teamwork.

These factors are critical to feeling engaged! Even though your human resource team will oversee the recognition program, getting people at every level involved is essential for it to succeed.

That’s why our eGift program is structured in away that makes it easy for people to send vouchers to their colleagues. You can maximize engagement by encouraging your employees to be on both the giving and receiving end of the program!

3.  Celebrate your Team

Celebrating your team and milestone accomplishments is one of the most valuable things you can do to keep employees engaged.

Whether you close a major deal, complete a big project, or simply achieve a quarterly goal, your team needs to know that their efforts are appreciated.

However, sending out an email saying thanks is not enough – they need to be celebrated in a thoughtful way that reinforces a team environment and builds camaraderie.

So, what’s the best way to do this? Consider enrolling in our eGift program. Providing your employees and managers with away to celebrate success is the key to boosting engagement. It will also make sure that your workers are committed and more likely to stay at your company!

Does your employee benefits package need an overhaul? Contact us today to learn more about how our new eGift platform can help you boost engagement, retention, and more!

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