4 Signs Your Company Needs to Transform with HR Digitalisation

July 15, 2021
Izza A.

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What is HR Digitalisation?

HR digitalisation is when operational HR processes become automated and data-driven rather than being paper-based and involving primarily manual data entry efforts.

HR digitalisation is no longer just a behemoth having to be carried by HR teams in the organisation, it should be seen as a metamorphosis that involves your entire organisation as it is a shift in culture and not just a mere adoption of technology.

The exact transformation required is not a one-size-fits-all as it depends on what your business needs at your current state. If you see signs of inefficiency in your business or believe that there is potential for improving operational HR processes today, it is prime time to consider digitalisation for your HR.

The Obstacles

What are some of the tell-tale signs that signal a need to move towards HR digitalisation transformation? 

1. Leaders Don't Know What Their Business Needs

If you are the leader of an organisation, do you know what your business needs in terms of HR tools, resources or even improvements? Or are you blindly searching for HR tech that may not necessarily help your business?

If your focus area is to reduce time spent by your HR staff on administrative tasks, the focus is to find technology that can help automate these tasks for you. If employee engagement and improving employee satisfaction is top of mind, consider HR tools that have the ability to gamify or help you analyse data on employee sentiments.

2. Management is Reluctant to Change

Is your management reluctant to change, leaving your organisation with the old ways of doing things, even when they clearly don't work? While few small businesses still rely on filing cabinets and paper files for their HR processes, many still use programs like Microsoft Excel, or other types of spreadsheets as a means of data storage.

While spreadsheets are a considerably better process than paper-based HR, it is still far from what HR digitalisation tools are able to offer in convenience, efficiency and data security. As much as your management may be attached to the old ways, the future is digital, and the choice to digitalise is no longer a choice if you want your business and employees to thrive.

3. Employees are Reluctant to Change

Employees may not always be ready to embrace technology. Whether it's because of a lack of knowledge, or because they simply don't understand the importance of digitalisation. Regardless, your employees need to get onboard. Humans are creatures of habit, and especially for employees who have been around a while, technological transformations may seem unnecessary and time consuming.

You likely won't change the way your employees feel about HR digitalisation in a day, but staying transparent and keeping them engaged in the process can go a long ways towards making them accept it, and eventually enjoy it.

4. Businesses Don't Know What's on the Market

Many business leaders are simply unaware of the wealth of digital solutions available in the market. Even ones that would be a perfect solution to many of the problems and issues their businesses experience on the daily.

Digitalising HR processes might seem like an overwhelming task hence it is also important to find a solution that can guide you through the process and offer the tools that you need when you progress from one stage to the next. 

HR processes can be complex and time consuming, but digital HR solutions makes them easy to execute. Be sure to evaluate your options based on the requirements for your organisation and employees before embarking on the journey of purchasing a HR solution!

Still Having Trouble with HR Digitalisation?

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