5 Reasons Why Human Resources Automation is Important in 2021

July 15, 2021
Sabrina T.

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What is Human Resources Automation?

Many HR tasks are time-consuming. Documents, records, receipts, forms and more need to be created, validated, stored and updated. Human Resources automation includes digitalising hard copy files, to be made searchable and retrievable from anywhere, lightens the workload considerably and greatly enhances the efficiency of the HR department. 

HR automation includes storing documents in digital repositories so that all the content is available at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere. With this, files can be easily found and shared to multiple devices. Beyond storage, it also simplifies audits, enhances easy collaboration and reduces risk of information tampering.

Digitalisation of documents is just one small component of HR automation. Even so, it can already significantly free up your employees from tedious tasks that can be efficiently completed by machines. There are many other areas of the HR function that can be automated. As a result, HR can spend their time and energy to focus on complex tasks that can only be done by humans, such as engaging employees and looking after their wellbeing. 

Human Resources Automation Benefits

1. Seamless Onboarding Experience

The onboarding process of a new employee can be long and complicated. A lot of information needs to be acquired from the new hire, such as personal information, signatures, tax forms, contracts etc. 

Besides that, company information needs to be communicated to the new hire too. For example, employment basics, workplace policies, benefits, perks and more.

Instead of emailing the new employee with individual documents when they join, HR automation allows for a central storage area for all documentation, and can even request for e-signatures as acknowledgment.  

Consider automating your company’s onboarding processes so that each new employee receives the same welcoming impression of your company. HR automation keeps every piece of the puzzle organised and accessible to everyone who needs access. 

2. Enhanced Data Security

With automation also comes better security of your HR data. Physical documents in the office, which is susceptible to theft, loss or fire while soft copy documents stored in an HR employee’s laptop/desktop can be lost when devices are faulty or even risk information leakage into the wrong hands. 

HR documentation includes highly sensitive data such as payroll and employee’s complete personal and employment-related information. Hence, it is important to have these all automatically saved and securely stored in a cloud service to reduce any security risks.

3. Ensure Accurate Time Tracking

Digital and real-time tracking of shifts and hours worked is so much easier and more reliable than having employees put in their hours manually at the end of the week. The latter often leads to inaccurate numbers, potentially costing your company money. With digital tracking, hours worked are easily compiled and ready for payroll.

4. Efficient Analytics and Reporting

When it comes to tracking analytics and metrics, manual processes are seldom reliable. When you automate HR tasks with a cloud-based workflow solution, you can easily track these metrics and allow managers and supervisors the ability to see the aggregated data they want.

Ultimately, this leads to being able to better identify and understand performance issues among employees.

5. Eliminate Lag 

Countless hours of company time is dwindled away on checking or managing information. Just think about it, requests for time off, expenses that need to be reimbursed, compliance-based documents that need to be signed. Not to mention all the requests that need to be sent to HR and sits in a pile on some poor, overworked HR manager’s desk until they have time left over to deal with it.

With HR automation, this will be a scenario of the past. Any checking or managing of information can be done with a quick search from anywhere, at any time. There’s no need to pull files manually or send requests to the pile of doom.

Enter altHR

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