Leading Malaysian Snacks Manufacturer Simplified HR Planning and Improved Employee Wellbeing using altHR

July 15, 2021
Michelle C.

Company Profile:

The client is a major snacks manufacturing company in Malaysia with more than 40 years of history. The company manufactured and sold multiple snack brands that have brought joy and nostalgia to millions of Malaysian consumers nationwide. The company has over 200 employees in their headquarters and two manufacturing plants in Malaysia. 

Past Hurdles:

Over the decades, the company suffered a loss in productivity as they stuck to their existing, traditional HR practices. The HR department, with 16 staff, takes over 10 hours per week dealing with time-consuming administrative tasks for their 200 employees. These challenges include:

  • Physical punch cards were used for attendance tracking - it was difficult to monitor and summarise 
  • Line managers had to manually tabulate 120 factory workers’ working hours for payroll 

Other issues:

  • Sales teams were carrying physical catalogues and brochures when meeting potential wholesalers and retailers. The company spent money every quarter printing and mailing new materials
  • The factory is located far from the city. Factory workers had to take time off to run errands such as paying bills or buying prepaid reloads for their phones

After Using altHR:

The company chose altHR to manage their staff as part of their journey towards digitalisation. As a result: 

  • altHR Time Tracking helped digitalise the attendance-tracking and time-tracking for employees. Office employees and factory workers can now check-in and check-out easily through the altHR app. A daily summary is easily extractable as reports for payroll purposes too.
  • altHR Sales Kit made sharing brochures convenient. Digital brochures have since replaced 70% of physical copies, saving over RM20,000 in printing costs annually. Instead of a physical delivery of catalogues to customers, it can now be sent digitally via WhatsApp or email.
  • Empowered over 200 employees as the ambassador of the company by enabling convenient sharing of promotional materials through social media and word of mouth
  • altHR Services allows employees to easily make bill payments for utilities or subscriptions, buy mobile prepaid reloads, and much more. Employee satisfaction rose by 15% as factory workers reviewed that the company is making their lives more convenient. 

Client Testimonial:

“We started our digitalisation journey in the last few years. We realised that our HR teams spend a lot of time working on manual admin tasks. Switching to altHR  has definitely increased productivity for us and our workers are happier as well,” said General Manager.

About us:

altHR is the Super App for companies, is built to empower HR teams and companies by digitalising HR processes beyond paperwork and making day-to-day business operations simple.

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