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July 15, 2021
Michelle C.

Today, nearly half of the world population are active Internet users. The ability to explore the globe or do business at our fingertips is no longer a trend but an everyday necessity. With the myriad of opportunities available, it is not difficult to digitalise a business with the help of software.

Digital transformation or digitalisation integrated into every aspect of society, including businesses, government, healthcare, mass media, and science means being on the same page with global tendencies. 

It has become a driver for companies’ to relook at internal operations and external engagements. Digitalisation as a worldly phenomenon provokes fundamental changes in how companies operate and how they can deliver value to customers.

What does it mean to digitalise your business?

Essentially, digitalisation means using systems, tools or software to run your business operations. Digitalisation is not about just using the latest technology or systems available in the marketplace. In fact, the goal of mastering digitalisation is about making operations more streamlined, delivering products and services more efficiently to improve the quality of customer and employee experience.

Today, it is a necessity to build new digital-first business models in order not to be left behind. Beyond that, there are many benefits that come with digitalisation, such as: 

  1. Savings on costs and time. Documents stored in the cloud digitally can optimise your expenses. This means less expenditure on office spaces, physical folders, paper, and human resources required to store or handle them. Printing, sorting, filing requires tons of billable working hours instead of a few clicks of a mouse.
  2. Enhancing performance and productivity. With all the critical business data accessible in real-time, businesses can access it anytime and anywhere. From comprehensive financial information on stock quotes, to availability of market data and even transparent communication with customers and employees in an efficient way.
  3. Increasing Security. With digitalisation, any form of data can be securely stored and managed with enterprise-grade security at a low cost. As compared to physical documents which are prone to human errors and difficult to keep track of, digital storage gives businesses a peace of mind.

Do you have the world at your fingertips?

Smartphones have made its way into everyone’s daily life. Today, smartphones can be used to communicate, run businesses, track fitness levels, for entertainment and security surveillance. 

With this, your business can think of mobility as a game-changer for your products and services. Mobile is now the primary channel to get closer to customers, becoming more of a standard component for every marketing strategy.

The Power of Mobile in Digitalisation

The power of mobile is hard to underestimate, be it through mobile applications or a mobile-first strategy. Your business will reap impressive benefits by using mobile channels to foster continuous customer engagements. Being on-the-go can be an ingredient to bring existing marketing and sales development strategy to the next level.

Today, technological advancements have also simplified the development and launch of mobile applications for businesses. Equipped with target-specific functionality, these can be a worthwhile investment for your business. 

Here’s why business digitalisation starts with a mobile approach.

  • No geolocation limits - Your services get a global reach, they can be accessed and processed anywhere irrespective of location. An app is an actionable instrument to extend your offerings to any Internet user, no matter the country or the continent.
  • Added value for your customers - Robust apps with enhanced usability help save time and efforts considerably on processing, submitting, feedback and insights sharing. Besides, fast-performing and responsive apps make it a lot more comfortable for your customers to follow the latest news and updates, thus getting better service insights.
  • Marketing on-the-go - Today’s consumers are on their phones significantly more than other devices. Advertising and promoting your products or services to a potential customer while they are on their mobile devices has proven to be effective. An efficient marketing strategy that utilises modern mobility tools can help you target your customers and get a better market reach.
  • Increased sales -  A mobile channel also serves as a direct channel to connect with customers and persuade them to buy your products or services. Sales rates are proven to be much higher with the utilisation of loyalty programs via mobile as a part of sales strategy.
  • Brand awareness - Engaging customers on mobile is one of the most popular ways to grow brand awareness. Regular interactions and personalised offerings make customers more loyal and consequently more profitable.
  • Information sharing - Well-made apps provide both general information about a product or service such as prices, as well as presenting new promotions and deals alongside push notifications as a form of direct interaction with customers.

In Summary

Modernisation has caused disruption to all industries around the world. Today, business owners must invest in a digitalisation strategy in order to stay relevant and adapt to the New Normal.

The immense potential of  cutting-edge technologies accompanied by connectivity and personalisation unlocks unlimited opportunities for your business, opens new markets, and ultimately brings in more revenue, leading your business to success.

Start your digitalisation journey today with altHR, the complete HRMS solution that covers everything from payroll and onboarding to staff management and providing employees with information kits. You’ve done it the old way long enough.

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