altHR vs Kakitangan: Who will win?

July 15, 2021
Jofan P.

Still deciding on which digital HR solution to use?

Traditional HR processes such as filing documents and paperwork can lead to lower employee satisfaction. For example, slow and manual leaves or expense claims approval processes can be frustrating especially when it is urgent.

HR digitalisation is important so that businesses can place more time and focus on growth and employee engagement. However, taking the first step into digitalising HR can be difficult as there are too many solutions to choose from in Malaysia. 

In this article, we will compare two HR systems - altHR and Kakitangan to help you make an informed decision on which solution is more suitable for your business. 

Let’s begin with an introduction to both tools:

altHR is an all-in-one HR software providing features from core HR operations to employee engagement on top of features to help your company navigate the New Normal way of work. Kakitangan is an HR platform that can be used to manage leave, payroll, claims, and employee information.

Here’ is what we think about Kakitangan and why altHR is the top Payroll and HR software in Malaysia.

3 reasons why altHR is better for you 

1) Extensive HR Features for a Full Digitalisation

altHR offers core HR features such as altHR Leaves, altHR Expenses, altHR Rostering and altHR Payroll. altHR also enables complimentary document storage and organisation-wide sharing to enable instant and convenient access anytime, anywhere.

Kakitangan offers payroll processing, leave application, expense claims, and shift-scheduling. However, essential features such as document storage and sharing, audit logs of employee profile changes and attendance are premium features in Kakitangan with an added price.

Both HR systems’ full versions offer:

altHR also offers additional features that make it the all-rounded HR solution. These features can help businesses simplify HR processes and benefit non-HR teams too.

Here are the additional features that come equipped with altHR: 

and more! Check out the full list here.

2) Superior Value

altHR offers straightforward and transparent pricing. Here is a price comparison table for both solutions based on 50 employees:

Comparing both solutions based on their complete set of features, Kakitangan is over 200% more expensive. altHR clearly wins when it comes to being value-for-money while offering extensive HR features. 

3) Ease of Transition

Fully digitalising HR functions can be daunting. A smooth and simple transitioning process is crucial for companies to embrace digitalisation with confidence. 

altHR offers a 30-day free trial for companies to experience the full altHR suite of features. altHR provides the best onboarding experience through a fully guided tour within the altHR dashboard, video tutorials for each feature, a comprehensive Knowledge Base and assistance from our customer success team. 

Kakitangan only offers a free version for their leave management service for businesses with less than 5 employees. The trial period may be too short for businesses to fully experience what the solution can do. 


To conclude, altHR takes the cake in terms of providing superior value and scalability compared to Kakitangan. If you wish to fully leverage automation and digitalisation for your HR function, altHR is the right choice for you. Start using altHR now so you can focus on making your business more awesome!

For more resources to help you make the right choice, here’s how we think about HReasily.

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