Malaysia’s Best HR System: altHR vs HReasily

September 27, 2021
Sabrina T.

Still deciding on the right digital HR system for your company?

HR digitalisation is a process of automating traditional, paper-based HR processes. This allows HR teams to have more room and focus for strategic and complex issues that are faced by their organisations. 

HR digitalisation can be difficult to achieve in practice. Companies may be reluctant to change their traditional ways of working or may even have no idea where and how to start.

There are several digital HR systems to choose from in Malaysia. If you are trying to figure out which HR system would be better for you, we have done the legwork to help you to kickstart your HR digitalisation journey! Let’s begin with an introduction to both tools:

altHR is an all-in-one HR system that helps digitalise core HR operations to employee engagement to assist your business on navigating through the New Normal way of work. 

HReasily is an HR software that streamlines and automates payroll, leave & claims filing.

Here’s what we think about HReasily and why altHR is the better choice for a digital HR system.

Reasons why altHR is better for your organisation   

1) Comprehensive Features to Fully Digitalise HR

altHR helps fully digitalise HR through electronic payroll processing, leave management and expense claims. altHR provides instantas and convenient access through altHR’s mobile and web apps. Other features include altHR Rostering and altHR Time Tracking.

HReasily offers similar solutions but is otherwise limited in the number of features for  complete HR digitalisation. To compare, here is a full list of features offered by both HR solutions:

More altHR features available here.

As the organisation grows, HR teams will have additional responsibilities on top of main HR tasks. altHR can scale with your business by providing these additional features in one package and pricing. 

2) More for Less

Other than offering more HR must-have features, altHR is also more affordable. Here is a comparison table for both systems based on 50 employees:

Comparing both solutions based on their complete set of features, HReasily is over 80% pricier compared to altHR. 

Companies that sign-up for altHR will also be given a 30-day free trial, no credit card needed. Meanwhile, HReasily also provides a free trial but the period is not stated. 


altHR is the winner in terms of providing more features at a much lower price compared to HReasily. If your organisation wants to transform your traditional operational HR function using automation and digitalisation, altHR is a great choice as it offers superior value and scalability. 

For more resources to help you make the right choice, here’s how we think about Payroll Panda.

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