Why Looking After your Employee's Wellbeing is Important

July 15, 2021
Izza A.

As an organisation, your employees are your most important customers. They are valuable assets to your company and their performance is directly related to your success. Even before COVID-19, it was vital for businesses to focus on employee wellbeing management as there is a correlation with performance and productivity.

With the pandemic and having to toggle between remote working and social distancing work in the office, as well as increased isolation and decreased human contact, has also made a significant impact to employee wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing management goes beyond ensuring an illness-free workforce, it is a holistic approach of constantly checking in on your employee’s physical and mental health, satisfaction, happiness levels, workplace relationships and more.

There are only upsides to your business to focus on caring for each employee’s well being. Here are just a few ways it can help improve your employees’ experience with the company and with you.

Improve Your Employee Engagement

What makes a good employee? Is it measured by number of hours spent at work or is it about loyalty to the company and one who sees the success of the company as their own success? Employee engagement is a great way to build that loyalty with the company.

Every employee wants to feel valued. Knowing their employer cares about their employees' wellbeing and their opinions will help an employee stay connected. One way to do this is by providing employees with a shared space to communicate.

In the office, this can be a cosy nook for employees to take a break; or for a more COVID-19 friendly approach, virtual chat rooms that encourage banter and water-cooler discussions.

This can help promote positivity and help your employees feel comfortable because they spend a great deal of their lives at work. Allowing for the space and time for employees to hangout, relax and laugh together increases a sense of unity and community.

Look for ways to show you care and you’ll see an increase in employee happiness, morale, and productivity.

Ensure Employees Are In Their Best Condition

Healthy employees are productive employees. While you aren’t responsible for what your employees do when they aren’t at work, you can help them to cultivate healthy lifestyle choices starting at work. You can provide healthy, nutritious snacks and invest in a water dispenser. If you have the means to do so, you might also consider setting up a gym where your employees can work out or providing incentives for them to purchase a gym membership.

What’s the point of putting a focus on their health? The simple answer is productivity. By helping your employees to be healthier, you will have a reduction in unnecessary sick leaves and fewer chances of an employee feeling those mid-afternoon slumps. Rather than forcing them to power through those moments of illness or exhaustion, help them by offering ways to stay healthy while they are at work.

Enhance Your Company Reputation

If employees see you as a valuable company to work for, they will stay in their positions longer and become ambassadors of your organisation. This in turn helps increase your reputation as a good company, leading to a larger pool of applicants when you have open positions.

One of the easiest ways to do this and build up a great company reputation is to show the company cares about their employees wellbeing through additional perks and benefits. The first place you can start to improve your company reputation is by looking after your employee’s welfare.

By integrating employee wellbeing in the policies, your employees will know they have your assurance that you will care about their wellbeing. Not only does this improve your company image, it will also help with talent recruitment.

Better Employee Retention

If your employees feel valued and appreciated, that their wellbeing is understood and valued, they will want to come to work and feel a sense of loyalty to the company. Caring about your employees can also help improve absenteeism and retention rates, meaning lower retraining costs and better overall profitability.

A huge reason for all these results is that an employee who is thriving and feels cared for will be engaged in their work and enjoy it. As they find fulfillment with the company and their position, they will be less likely to look elsewhere for work.

The minimal cost of reaching out and caring about your employees will more than pay off with less turnover and better employee morale.

Yes, you have plenty of employees and it can be overwhelming to try and make sure that all of them are well taken care of. However, doing so and investing some of your time to ensure that your employees feel that their wellbeing is cared about will lead to happier employees who want to stay with the company.

With less turnover, you will see higher profitability and better productivity. Caring about your employees truly is the first step in making sure you have a thriving staff to help grow your organisation.

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