3 Digitalisation Tools in 2021 to Get Started on your HR Digitalisation Journey

July 15, 2021
Michelle C.

Making even a small change to your company can seem like a daunting task, but what about transforming your human resources department in this increasingly digital world? Whether you are a company with only a handful of employees or one that employs hundreds, there’s a wide array of digitalisation tools to make your HR digitalisation journey easier for everyone involved.

There will definitely be fears and uncertainties from even the most seasoned worker, but fret not as there are many tools that can provide peace of mind and make your company’s digital transition a fruitful one. 

1) Zapier

The first digitalisation tool is Zapier, an automation tool that connects web applications seamlessly. By incorporating Zapier into your company’s existing workflows, employees will have more time to focus on important tasks. Automation can be used to detect errors, save time, and minimise the likelihood of an employee-made mistake. 

With Zapier, information can be moved between the web apps that dominate your day, like Gmail, Slack, or Dropbox. For example, you can use Zapier to filter emails with a particular keyword and populate the email content into a Google Doc and even have it connected to Slack for real-time notifications. By allowing these applications to communicate with one another through Zapier, you’ll save time and receive important notifications in the most efficient way possible for you.

Confirmation emails will no longer be lost in your inbox, but rather, Zapier’s customisable automated processes will get the information where it needs to go without you having to lift a finger. In addition, Zapier can work with your other business solutions, including CRM and SAP software.


The next digitalisation tool is WOBB. WOBB is a user-friendly job portal that can connect your company with talented candidates quickly and easily. Through its Company Profiles, you’re able to give potential hires virtual tours of your business, easily communicate directly with applicants, and access information that might not otherwise be included in a job application (like a Video Cover Letter!).

By really getting to know potential employees and, in turn, them being able to see what your business is all about, you’re more likely to hire the right person for the job the first time!

3) altHR

Finally, there is altHR, a digital HR tool. Described as “the super app for companies”, this application simplifies HR tasks and makes them easily manageable from anywhere! With its user-friendly interface, altHR can be used to manage your employee database, expense claims, travel requests, and even leave management. It can also be used to streamline the employee onboarding process through its use of text, images, and video content.

Instead of spending hours getting a new employee up to speed, they have everything they need at their fingertips! altHR is a powerful tool that can make your business run more efficiently while keeping your employees happy as it tailors its solutions to the needs of your company. 

Entering the digital world of human resources is no easy feat, but the tools above are here to make the transition easier. By remaining timely and organised, your company’s HR digitalisation journey has the best chance of succeeding. In order for the HR solutions to work best for your company, it’s important to ensure that the capabilities of each tool complement each other and work together in synergy.

Lastly, while these applications are in place to make things easier, remember to encourage proper communication and training across all departments of your company, both through these tools, as well as in-person. 

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